1H.G.Wells: Inspired the creation of the “World Technique” References
Inspired the creation of the “World Technique”
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The British author H. (Herbert) G. (George) Wells (1866-1946), writer of such renowned books as The Time Machine (1895) and War of the Worlds (1898), also wrote a little-known book in 1911, Floor Games, that would later inspire the creation of the field of sand tray therapy. In Floor Games, Wells described the spontaneous play he enjoyed with his two young sons, using miniatures and other small objects. Wells’ portrayal of the creative games and play materials they used served as an inspiration to Margaret Lowenfeld in her development of the “World Technique” (Lowenfeld 1979). In his lifetime, Wells was unaware of the profound impact of his book. In fact, Wells considered Floor Games a minor work and did not even mention it in his autobiography (Wells 1934).