chapter  2
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Margaret Lowenfeld: Originator of the “World Technique” Basic tenets of the World Technique The equipment Introducing the World Technique Recording Written works and professional presentations Conclusion References

Originator of the “World Technique”
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Margaret Lowenfeld (1890-1973), originator of the World Technique (a psychological technique used in communicating with children), was born in London and grew up in a large, lavish house in Lowndes Square. Her father, Henry (Heinz) Lowenfeld, was a descendant of a prominent Jewish family who had vast landholdings in the Polish part of Austria. By the 1880s his family had lost much of their wealth as a result of Poland’s struggle for independence. This financial setback landed Henry Lowenfeld in England as a young man with only five pounds in his pocket. In an amazingly short period of time, he married a young English woman whom he had met earlier at his family home in Poland, made a large personal fortune through buying and selling property, and bought back the family landholdings that had been sold previously for unpaid debts (Evans 1984).