chapter  5
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Hedda Bolgar and Liselotte Fischer: Originators of the “Little World Test” Basic tenets of the Little World Test (a.k.a. Bulgar—Fischer World

Originators of the “Little World Test”

Bolgar and Fischer’s goal was to develop a nonverbal projective instrument through which they could observe symbolic representations of human motivation, selection, and creative behavior. They believed that they could watch the creative process unfold by observing how small elements (miniatures) were brought into relationship with one another, so that a whole construction (in the Gestalt sense) was produced (Fischer 1950a). They also believed that their approach to the World material was unique, for it allowed direct observation of how adults visualized their view of the world within a standardized setting. In contrast to Lowenfeld, they believed that the World materials were more than just a means of communication in therapy; they were “a medium of approach of highly projective value” (Fischer 1950a:66).