chapter  6
Exploring the Relation Between Motivation and Intuition
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I n fall 2010, I was asked to contribute to a popular Dutch TV program called Pavlov. Why am I like this? In each episode of this program, a famous Dutch person is scrutinized in a semiscientific way with the help of a few Dutch academic psychologists. The makers of the program select the target people for the show carefully, the criterion being that they are extremely skilled in a certain domain or have achieved something remarkable. In the episode to which I was asked to contribute, the target person was Stacey Rookhuizen, an attractive, wellknown 24-year-old Dutch businesswoman. The public knows her because she is a judge on the X-Factor, a popular TV program in which amateur musicians compete for the opportunity to record in a studio. However, what is remarkable about Stacey is that she already has a very impressive career in the music industry after having started her own record label (especially aimed at helping young pop and rock bands) at the age of 16. In other words, she started her business career at the age where her peers were in the midst of puberty, and now, at the age of just 24, she is famous and highly successful.