chapter  6
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Taking a break: Doctoral Summer Schools as transformative pedagogies: Miriam Zukas and Linda Lundgaard Andersen

This chapter focuses on the Doctoral Summer School as a challenging pedagogy for doctoral education, in which the traditional supervisory relationship and the disciplinary curriculum are deconstructed through intensive group processes. We draw on our experiences as pedagogues at the Roskilde University Graduate School in Lifelong Learning which has hosted an international Summer School for the last ten years. We describe the new learning spaces created and explore the democratic group processes and the collaborative action learning involved when discipline and stage of study are set to the side in this multi-paradigmatic, multi-national context. Despite the wide range of participants in terms of length of study, focus and methodological approach, the respite from supervisory pedagogies and the careful critiques of multi-national peer ‘opponents’ are often transformative in the doctoral students’ research subjectivities and continuing journeys.