chapter  11
Ethnographic Perspectives on Multilingual Computer-Mediated Discourse: Insights from Finnish Football Forums on the Web
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Computer-mediated communication (CMC) is steadily becoming more multilingual. This development has caught the attention of researchers who have an increasing interest in adapting the traditions of research in sociolinguistics and bilingualism to new emergent socio-cultural domains, communicative contexts and technological formats (Androutsopoulos, 2007; Danet and Herring, 2007). This chapter1 is an attempt at methodological refl ection on pivotal issues in sociolinguistically and discourse-analytically oriented CMC research, and our main focus lies on the benefi ts that ethnographically grounded approaches can bring to such research. The empirical context deployed to illustrate our points here is the Finnish online football discussion forums Futisforumand, and the data we draw on is from ongoing research by Kytölä.