chapter  7
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Sustaining the growth of China’s SMEs through ICT: recent experience of policy initiatives and their implementation: David H. Brown and Qi Wang


Introduction In the narrative of China’s three decades of growth the importance of the nonstate sector enterprises, comprising collective and private enterprises, including Township and Village Enterprises (TVE), is well documented. Until recently there was considerable confusion over the classification of enterprises but taking the broadest definition the non-state sector now contributes some 70 per cent of the economy, up from 20 per cent in 1980. This sector is dominated by privately registered enterprises. In 2006, excluding the 38 million private household enterprises, there were 4.3 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) registered under the Administration of Industry and Commerce Department (China SME Online 2009). The ability of China to achieve sustainable growth of 8 per cent – the figure widely recognized as necessary to achieve a harmonious society and economy – is crucially dependent on this sector and the policy context within which it operates.