chapter  5
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The Test of Practice: An interview with Richard Wyn Jones

Richard Wyn Jones has been an unavoidable reference in Critical Security Studies since the publication of Security, Strategy, and Critical Theory, in which he introduced Gramsci and the Frankfurt School to the study of security issues. In a chapter titled ‘On Emancipation: Necessity, Capacity and Concrete Utopias’ (2005), he further contributed to the theoretical development of the critical security fi eld by arguing that a commitment to ‘emancipation’ can be seen as a common feature of different strands of critical thought. Following from his experience as an activist in the Welsh language movement, in recent years Wyn Jones has published extensively on Welsh Politics and has been a regular media commentator on developments in Wales. After 18 years as a member of staff at the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University, he is now the Director of the Wales Governance Centre and Professor of Welsh Politics at Cardiff University.