chapter  7
Control-Value Theory of Achievement Emotions
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Success and failure in achievement settings are of critical importance throughout students’ educational careers. Across various academic domains, individual achievement shapes opportunities and developmental trajectories. The overarching impact of educational achievement in a modern, meritocratic society implies that achievement fulfils a basic requisite for the arousal of intense emotion-success and failure in education are highly important to the individual student, to the extent that they influence completion versus drop-out, employment versus unemployment, affluence versus poverty, and health versus disease. Consequently, situations that contribute to educational accomplishment arouse a multitude of different emotions, including enjoyment, hope, pride, anger, anxiety, shame, boredom, and hopelessness. Similarly, success in performing teaching duties is critically important for teachers throughout their occupational careers, thus inducing a broad range of achievement emotions related to teaching and to interacting with colleagues, supervisors, and parents.