chapter  3
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Betwixt and Between? Exploring Mobilities in a Global Workplace in India

The intensification of linkages between international or global and local or national levels suggests that globalisation can be conceptualised as a process of flows (Castells 1996; Urry 2000, 2001), moving along global ‘scapes’ (Appadurai 1996)1-including the various systems of transportation of people. To understand these forms of flows and mobilities, Urry (2000) called for a sociology of mobilities, for thinking ‘beyond society,’ urging sociological analysis to recast its subject material by focusing on ‘mixtures’ or forms of heterogeneously composed networks, commodity chains, fluid social spaces and global institutional forms. In this chapter, we contribute to the development of Urry’s agenda of developing a sociology of mobilities through an empirically informed analysis of a global software development workplace and its workers.