chapter  4
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Russian policy towards NATO in a broader European security context MAREK MENKISzAK

Russia-NATO relations improved considerably in 2010, and this was evident during the NATO-Russia summit in Lisbon on 20 November the same year. There was a major change in comparison to the crisis in relations starting with the Russia-Georgia war in August 2008. On the road to the Lisbon NATO summit, Moscow intensified its efforts to lobby its interests concerning European security. As a part of this process, the political leadership of the Russian Federation presented several ideas and initiatives on a new European security architecture starting in 2008. Most of them were directly or indirectly related to the issue of Russia-NATO or Russia-United States relations. This chapter briefly analyses both the content and implications of these Russian initiatives against the background of Russia’s past and present European security strategy. It will attempt to answer the following questions: To what extent are the recent Russian initiatives new? How do they correspond with the strategic goals of Russia’s European security policy in the last 20 years? To what extent is there continuity or change in Russia’s policies?