chapter  1718
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Volume IV of the Iliad. Lady Mary returns from abroad. Death of Parnell. 1719 AP leases villa at Twickenham overlooking the Thames. 1720 South Sea Bubble. Volumes V and VI complete Iliad translation. 1721 AP edits Parnell’s poems. 1722 AP editing Shakespeare and translating Odyssey; Atterbury arrested on suspicion of treason. 1723 AP publishes Works of John Sheffield; edition seized on sus picion of treasonable material; Atterbury tried and exiled; Bol ingbroke returns. 1725 AP publishes 6-volume edition of Shakespeare. Bolingbroke settles at Dawley Farm. First three volumes of Odyssey trans lation published. 1726 Theobald attacks AP in Shakespeare Restored. Volumes IV-V of Odyssey published. Swift visits; Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels pub lished. 1727 Death of George I; accession of George II. AP and Swift publish two volumes of Miscellanies. 1728 Gay’s Beggar’s Opera begins huge run. AP and Swift publish third volume of Miscellanies, including Peri Bathous. First version of The Dunciad published, to controversial reception. 1729 Dunciad Variorum published; advance copy presented by Walpole to King and Queen. 1730 Cibber appointed Poet Laureate. 1731 First version of Epistle to Burlington published. 1732 AP and Swift publish fourth volume of Miscellanies. Death of Atterbury; death of Gay. 1733 Epistle to Bathurst published. Imitations of Horace series be gins with The First Satire of the Second Book of Horace. Montagu/ Hervey Verses attacking Pope. Essay on Man, Epis tles I-III. Death of AP’s mother. 1734 Epistle to Cobham published. Essay on Man, Epistle IV. Second Satire of the Second Book of Horace, Sober Advice from Horace published. 1735 Epistle to Dr Arbuthnot published. Epistle to a Lady published. Death of Arbuthnot. Second volume of AP’s Works published. Curll publishes edition of AP’s Letters. 1736 AP gives Prince of Wales a puppy. 1737 Second Epistle... and First Epistle of the Second Book of Horace published. Authorized edition of AP’s Letters. Essay on Man attacked by Crousaz. 202