chapter  10
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Mentally Disordered Prisoners

ByAdrian Grounds

The Woolf inquiry into the prison disturbances of April 1990 (Woolf 1991) overlapped with the most major review for twenty years of services for mentally disordered offenders in England. This Review of Services for Mentally Disordered Offenders and Others Requiring Similar Services was established jointly by the Department of Health and Home Office in November 1990. In November 1991 the first set of reports from this review were published for consultation (Department of Health/Home Office 1991a, b, c, d), and a second group of reports was published in June 1992 (Department of Health/Home Office 1992a, b). The Final Summary Report was published in November, 1992 (Department of Health/Home Office 1992c). The conclusions of the Woolf Inquiry in relation to mentally disordered offenders prefigured many of the ideas which have since been developed at length in the Department of Health/ Home Office review.