chapter  6
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NATO and nuclear strategy

ByStuart Croft

On 5 and 6 July 1990, NATO’s heads of government and state met in London to consider the implications of the end of the Cold War for the Alliance. The resulting document issued by all parties-The London Declaration on a Transformed North Atlantic Alliance-was to set the parameters for the alterations in the nature of the organisation towards what was commonly referred to as ‘a more political alliance’. The London Declaration appeared to be a very forward looking document. After congratulating NATO for having been ‘the most successful defensive alliance in history’, it recognised that ‘the security of every state is inseparably linked to the security of its neighbours’ and called for the Atlantic Community to ‘reach out to the countries of the East which were our adversaries in the Cold War, and extend to them the hand of friendship’. (NATO, 1990:1-2).