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These relatively recent books are suggested in addition to the standard classics such as Keynes’ General Theory or Smith’s Wealth of Nations, and also to standard microeconomics texts. They are intended to supplement the source and additional reading lists at the end of each essay, and in general deal with the broad range of macroeconomics. Aghion, Philippe, and Howitt, Peter, Endogenous Growth Theory (MIT Press, 1998). Galbraith, John Kenneth, Money: Whence It Came, Where It Went (Penguin, 1995). Hahn, Frank, and Solow, Robert, A Critical Essay on Modern Macro-Economic Theory

(Blackwell, 1997). Hoover, Kevin D., The New Classical Macro-Economics (Blackwell, 1990) Minford, Patrick, Markets Not Stakes (Orion, 1998). Obstfeld, Maurice, and Rogoff, Kenneth, Foundations of International Macro-Economics

(MIT Press, 1996). Romer, David, Advanced Macro-Economics (McGraw Hill, 1995).