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Accelerator Multiplier Automatic stabilizers Leakages Taxation Savings Paradox of thrift Investment Consumption function *Business cycles Endogenous growth theory Kondratieff cycle Harrod-Domar growth model Solow growth model Normative/positive/welfare economics Infrastructure/social costs Long/short-run *Employment Stagflation Wage-price spiral Structural unemployment Minimum wage Phillips curve Expectations-adjusted Phillips curve *Fiscal policy Transfer payments Budget deficit Public debt Laffer Curve PSBR/PSDR Black economy *Monetary policy *Supply-side economics *Theory (benefits) of trade Comparative advantage/gains from trade Heckscher-Ohlin factor proportions theory Balance of payments Exchange rate policy Fixed/floating exchange rates Currency Gold standard Edgeworth Box Technological gap theory Devaluation/revaluation Marshall-Lerner Condition

J-curve Most favoured nation Bretton Woods system IMF Trade bodies Hot money EMU PPP *Stock market Bulls Bears Share price index Securities New issue market Insider trading Institutional investors Tap issue Underwriting Unit trust/mutual fund *Bank Building society/thrift Clearing bank Central bank Merchant bank Venture capital LIBOR *Derivatives Futures Options/calls/puts Swaps LIFFE Commodities markets *Econometrics Game theory Regression Probability Concentration measures Gini coefficient Pareto Lorenz Curve *Classical economics *Neo-Classical economics *Neo-Keynesian economics Gresham’s Law Walras’s Law

Galbraith Malthus Marshall Marx Mercantilism Mill Pigou Ricardo Say Schumpeter Smith Modigliani Hicks Cambridge school Austrian school