chapter  4
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Fair Furlong Primary School

WithAgnes McMahon

Re-visiting Fair Furlong school after a five-year period has been a powerful learning experience. A great deal has happened in the intervening years; the school has gone through some difficult times. Much has changed but there is also much that is familiar. Changes have taken place at national and local levels and in the school itself. Changes in education policy at national level are well documented and it is noteworthy that when the original case study was conducted, the school had not yet been inspected by OfSTED, SAT results at Key Stages One and Two were not published and the literacy and numeracy strategies had not yet been introduced. Much more data about school performance and pupil achievement is now available to teachers and the wider community. The major change at local level has been the dissolution of Avon LEA and its replacement by four unitary authorities. Fair Furlong school is now in the City of Bristol authority, and, as might be expected, the establishment of the unitary authority led to some changes in personnel and in the education policy framework. For example, the LEA adviser who now has responsibility for the school was not in this post five years ago.