chapter  11
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Sutton Centre

WithJean Rudduck, Ian Morrison

This study was carried out by Professor Jean Rudduck (who led the 1995 team) and Dr Ian Morrison, both of Homerton College, Cambridge. The extensive documentary database that we amassed (published reviews of good practice, LEA reports, OfSTED reports, school records, notes from governors’ meetings, school development plans, etc.) was extended by on-site interviews with the headteacher and the following people (the order is alphabetical by undisclosed surname):

• Non-teaching staff governor (G,nts) (f ) • Parent governor (G,p) (f ) • Key Stage 4 Manager (M,ks4) (f ) • Deputy Head, Personnel (DH,p) (f ) • Deputy Head, Resources (DH,r) (m) • Head of Community Education (H,ce) (m) • Leader of the Parents Project (L,pp) (f ) • Key Stage 3 Manager (M,ks3) (f ) • Head of Humanities and Coordinator of Staff Development

(C,sd) (f ) • Deputy Head, Curriculum (DH,c) (m)

Each interview was conducted by either Ian Morrison or Jean Rudduck, and lasted about an hour; substantial sections of the interviews were transcribed. The codes indicate how extracts from interviews are referenced in the text.