chapter  3
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Designing – what does it mean at Key Stages 2 and 3?

The subject of design and technology concerns our relationship with the made world and our attempts to shape it to fulfil our needs and desires. To invent and improve is a basic human instinct. Technology is inextricably linked with design because, without appropriate technology, we would not be able to make the things we want and need. Although the term ‘design’ is used in other contexts, for example ‘art and design’, it is the use of the term ‘design’ in association with ‘technology’ that will form the focus of this chapter. As a school subject, design and technology is defined more by process than by content. It is the process of designing, supported by the implementation of appropriate technology to produce high-quality products, which forms the basis of National Curriculum design and technology:

Pupils should be taught to develop their design and technology capability through combining their design and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make products.