chapter  3
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Sudanese identity in diaspora and the meaning of home: the transformative role of Sudanese NGOs in Cairo: Anita Häusermann Fábos


This description of the Sudan Culture and Information Centre speaks to the transformative vision of a democratic Sudan enacted through exile. As one of the most visible of the hundred-odd NGOs established by Sudanese forced migrants in Cairo in the 1990s, the SCIC represented a site for reimagining the Sudanese nation through its transnational communitybuilding activities for Sudanese in the diaspora. For Sudanese transmigrants in Cairo, the NGOs established and used by the community have played a significant role in channelling and shaping the discourse of ‘home’. Since NGOs embody a public face of Sudanese transnational identity, reflecting how Sudanese both see themselves and present themselves to their Egyptian hosts, they are an important vector for discussing and contesting the contours of a ‘New Sudan’.2