chapter  10
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Broadening Participation in STEM: Policy Implications of a Diverse Higher Education System

ByLorelle L. Espinosa, Carlos Rodríguez

From practically every vantage point, our nation and our world are increasingly dependent on scientifi c and technological innovation and those policies that support the implementation of innovative solutions to our toughest societal challenges. One need only assess our everyday use of technology to appreciate just how reliant on it we have become. In addition to modern day devices, we seek a world in which medical research can pave the way for an increasingly healthy and disease-free society, a world where we can develop eff ective tools to keep our natural resources sustainable for future generations. The security of our nation via advanced military technology and information systems also rests on our capacity for innovation. Indeed, every aspect of our lives is touched by science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).