chapter  5
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18-year-old youth in their last year of a Vancouver high school
ByLouise Martinson, Brenda J. Shaw and William A. Borgen, University of British Colombia

Canada, a growing nation of 30 million people, achieved nationhood only 130 years ago. Geographically the largest country in the world, she encompasses a variety of climatic zones from rain-forest to semi-desert, and

‘It doesn’t really matter to me what I’m doing or where I am. Just as long as I’m happy for what it is. I don’t know that I can say right now whether I really want to do [anything] ten years from now. Ten years down the road, I could be interested in something completely different...I don’t want to be dependent on anybody else but myself . . . I hate depending on my parents for money and I don’t have a job right now. It’s frustrating thinking how are you going to do this and how are you going to pay for that . . . to think a university education is supposed to be for everybody, but you’re restricted so much by these huge tuitions and grade point averages . . . And you can’t get a good job without having some kind of post-secondary school . . . I’ve got to get things done right away and smarten up . . . Take control in whatever I am going to be doing.’ (a female student)

‘Ten years from now? I guess I want to be in technology, manufacturing. I did work experience in it and [it was] interesting. I just liked the big machines and all the cool technology . . . That’s the way it seems to be going. I like computers but I don’t like to be on [them] eight, ten hours at a time. I know I don’t want to be flipping burgers . . . I’d like to own a house . . . Fix [it] up and buy things for it. My own car in my own driveway . . .