chapter  13
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Continental USA: university students in Pittsburgh,

University students in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
ByLisa Maccarelli and Janice Gibson-Cline, University of Pittsburgh

The USA is a multicultural nation embodying more than 100 ethnic groups and racial backgrounds. The majority of US citizens are white; major minority groups are African-Americans and Hispanics (representing approximately 12 per cent and 9 per cent, respectively, of the population) and Asian-Americans (approximately 3 per cent). The US satisfies the dreams of many citizens for a high standard of living. In 1993, 79 per cent of the population had completed high school and 21 per cent had graduated from college; life expectancy was approximately 72 years for males and 79 years for females (US Bureau of the Census 1993). The median family income (1996) was $42,300 (US Department of Commerce 1998).