chapter  14
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Advantaged and non-advantaged youth in Caracas
ByMaria Eugenia Felce-DiPaula, National Experimental University, Simon Rodriguez

Dr Maria Eugenia Felce DiPaula died in Caracas in June 1998 following a long illness. She was an active ten-year member of our research team and first author of the Venezuela study in our research team’s earlier publication, Adolescence: From Crisis to Coping. Dr Felce DiPaula had surveyed the advantaged and non-advantaged youth described in this chapter prior to the onset of her illness. Deeply concerned with the project, she continued to work at home and was able to complete the coding of her data before illness stopped her. In her last conversation with me a few days prior to her death, she worried about not having completed her work. I promised then that it would appear in this publication. I keep that promise with this chapter, presenting her results together with my analysis of her data. I have done my best to report her findings correctly and have noted procedural questions that I could not answer. I hope my interpretations of her findings would have met with her approval and apologize for possible errors of omission or mis-understanding of data.