chapter  15
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Immigrant youth

Ethiopians in Israel
ByRachael Erhard, Tel Aviv University

Together with these successes, however, the absorption of large masses of immigrants has led to problems. Geographic and institutional distribution

‘The racism bothers me.’

Mashrat, age 19, entered Israel in 1990; father: counsellor at an absorption centre; mother: nurse. ‘It’s my dream to be a fashion designer. I hope I’ll be one of the best . . . I don’t want ever not to be in control of myself. What worries me most is how I will integrate into this country, with the racism. I don’t have problems getting along with people. I’m open. But the racism worries me. Next to my army base, I see Ethiopians sitting alone instead of integrating. In schools, you see groups of Ethiopians, Russians and Israelis sitting separately. That bothers me.’