chapter  16
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Impoverished youth

Examples from Brazil, England and the Philippines
ByElisabete Monteiro de Aguiar Pereira, University of Campinas

Boni, a Brazilian education student and professional musician attending government sponsored night classes to prepare for college; father retired, mother housewife; parental education: primary school. ‘In ten years, I want to have completed my doctoral thesis! I hope I will be teaching primary school students or that I will be on a Faculty of Education training teachers to help others. This is important work for my country! For my own inner self, I want also to keep up my work as a musician. I hope never to be unemployed. I will need money so I can continue my higher education if I am to reach my goal, and I don’t want ever to be away from the music I love. Finally, I want to be married and have my wife and partner by my side.