chapter  71
JOHN WILKES, North Briton, 1762
Pages 23

I have only two words to settle with the BRITON1 this week. They are glorification and vouchsafement. He says that I have twice twitted him in the teeth (a most elegant phrase) with the word GLORIFICATION printed in Italics. He affirms that it is an English word, to be found in all the common dictionaries, and to be met with more than once in Scripture. I never denied that it was an English word, but I ridiculed it as a cant word of the illiberal and illiterate Scottish Presbyterians; and it found favour among their long-winded divines, only because it was so long, and mouthed so well. I will say, however, that I have not met with it in Scripture, and I am satisfied that he cannot name one text where it is to be found.