chapter  4
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A Criticism on Mahomet and Irene, 1749

Sir, You must not wonder that your Tragedy of Irene engross’d, for some

Months before its Appearance, the Conversation of the Town, and every one was big with Expectation of seeing a Piece plann’d, and wrote up to the highest Pitch of a Dramatic Performance; but as they are, in some Measure, disappointed in both Particulars, you can’t be surpriz’d they now grow clamorous in their Censures: And tho’ some may take you to Pieces without Mercy, behind your Back, I think it more generous to do it to your Face, and will handle you as tenderly as the Nature of your Offence will admit of. —And that I may not destroy your Virtues among the Crowd of your Vices, I will singly call ’em before me, and convict ’em one by one.