chapter  2
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Berger and his collaborator(s)


It would be an exaggeration to say that I was eager to accept the invitation to contribute to this volume. In spite of some clarifying words from the editors, I was uncertain precisely what was expected of me. What could I say about Peter Berger and his collaborators? Collaborators? What worried me was not the well-known fact of historical semantics that the term collaborateur had lost its innocence during the Second World War, together with the fact that I doubted that the passing years had succeeded in wiping out the obloquy which the quislings had conferred upon it at that time. As the word is used here, however, it surely does not carry a suggestion that Berger’s collaborators should undergo a process of debergerization? What did worry me were other matters, among them the plural form of the expectation. I shall come back to that.