chapter  6
Media Studies GCSE (1): possibilities and practice: Elaine Homer and Elaine Scarratt
Pages 20

The challenges for the teacher new to GCSE Media Studies – finding the means and time to acquire subject knowledge, theory, skills, managing practical activity – can seem overwhelming. Enabling students to engage with contemporary issues and the role of the Media in society additionally requires teachers to keep up to date with changes in media ownership, regulation, technologies, audience consumption and innovations in media forms. Documentation can be demanding – the 2009 specifications, partly due to regulation impositions, are more prescribed and detailed than their legacy counterparts. All these elements require a disproportionate amount of preparation time for a few periods a week on a busy timetable. To ease the new media teachers’ GCSE workload the main aims of this chapter are to provide:

• the Awarding Bodies’ key specification requirements; • issues to consider for planning schemes of work; • an exemplar course plan; • advice on managing practical work; • technical resources; • advice on preparing students for external assessment.