chapter  7
Media Studies GCSE (2): schemes of work: Elaine Homer
Pages 26

This chapter offers a comprehensive guide to constructing Unit 2, the controlled assessment section of a GCSE Media Studies course. Externally assessed Unit 1, which forms the final part of most centres’ course plans, is not included because of the frequent topic changes, however Chapter 6 has some preparation strategies. This scheme of work is for the AQA Awarding Body specification, but the suggested texts and approaches can be easily adapted for OCR and WJEC. AQA was chosen on a numerical basis as the most directly useful to classroom teachers since the legacy specification accounted for over 50,000 of the 69,823 GCSE Media Studies candidates in 2008 (JCQ) and is likely to dominate the market, for a while at least, despite the inevitable migration between Awarding Bodies that accompanies the arrival of new specifications.