chapter  9
Creative and Media Diploma: Jon Wardle and Emma Walters
Pages 14

In 1985 Routledge published Teaching the Media by Len Masterman. He identified many of the key issues in media education and offered a blueprint upon which subsequent important contributors such as Buckingham (2003), Burn (2007), Gauntlett (2007), Jenkins (2008) and McDougall (2006) built a more nuanced understanding of, and rationale for, subject discipline. There have been moments of agreement: the introduction of A level Media Studies legitimized the work of the secondary media teacher (now more students do A level Media Studies than Physics); and times of disagreement – the value of sector-related so-called ‘vocational’ courses. Such diverse views are articulated more comprehensively in McDougall (2006). However, a quarter of a century on it is clear that there is a broad consensus in the theoretical framework for Media Studies that:

• media representations are not reality; • the media are produced by organizations and individuals and therefore can and should

be read critically; • the media are now not only received, but also reinterpreted by audiences.