chapter  12
Setting up, resourcing and managing a media department: Christine Bell
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This aim of this chapter is to offer support and advice for any media teacher setting up or already managing a Media Studies department. The main aim is not only to support teachers, but also ultimately to ensure that students have a positive experience when choosing Media Studies. As Chapter 1 showed, the subject has enjoyed a rapid growth in popularity at both GCSE and Post-16 levels and the need for specialised Media Studies teachers is great. Chapter 1 also exemplified how it is also the case that, at times, Media Studies receives a negative press; it is therefore likely that the Media Studies teacher will often need to fight numerous battles within their education establishments. While there are well-resourced stable media departments, this chapter does not underestimate the struggles of many inadequately trained ‘department’ leaders struggling with yearly lack of continuity. The suggestions here are made predominantly for those working in more challenging situations, but the general principles should also be more broadly applicable.