chapter  6
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Last of the rainmacs? Thinking about pornography in cyberspace BELA BONI TA C H AT TERJEE

Thinking about pornography in cyberspace
WithBela Bonita Chatterjee

As I write this chapter, perhaps the most prominent thought in my mind is how much popular perceptions about pornography have changed over the last few years. I can remember a time – and I’m really not that old – when the word “pornography” would conjure up images of seedy old men in beige rainmacs, furtively edging their way past the racks of sordid magazines in backstreet Soho sex shops. Pornography was something hidden in a stash under the bed; in piles of suspiciously unlabelled videos and crumpled magazines. The glossy lifestyle magazines (in between articles on how to maintain that high-octane lifestyle and still have time for a facial, full wax and manicure) would write utterly sincere articles about what to do if your partner had a porn addiction or if you chanced upon their secret sleaze cache. Worrying stuff.