chapter  1
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ByMartin Symes, Mark Deakin, Steven Curwell

This book is concerned with putting sustainable urban development into practice. It is based on the work of a European network, BEQUEST. Members of the network have begun to generate a context in which a focus on operational issues can be added to the continuing debate over the appropriate science, technology and institutions for sustainable development. They have taken the view that this practical context should have four principal components. The first, a framework, vision and methodology for analysing the sustainability of urban development. The second, a set of protocols that can guide the principal actors in urban development through their tasks, and suggest ways in which existing, often less sustainable, practices can continue to be improved, is the subject of this volume. The third, a directory of detailed assessment methods for evaluating the sustainability of specific urban development proposals, is outlined here but also covered in depth in a second volume. The fourth, a community of assessment specialists adept in evaluating the sustainability of urban development, is also discussed in general terms towards the end of this volume. But more detail is set out by the practitioners themselves in the extensive case studies of integrated urban development projects which they contribute to the third volume in this series.