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Introduction: Resilience in doing a thesis

This book arose from two sources. First, it grew out of our experience in teaching on structured doctoral and masters’ programmes offered by Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Australia and Asia. From running these courses, we knew there was a range of skills that research students often needed, and we also knew that the existing books of advice for research students didn’t offer the sort of practical, step-by-step advice that many students wanted. Second, the book arose from discussions between the editors, and the realization that we wanted to capture the resilience that we learnt to enable us to survive when we were doctoral students, and now (years later) to try to pass on that resilience to our doctoral students in our teaching and supervision. As a result, we chose to collect the advice from a range of experts in different areas of doing research, to compile what we believe is a comprehensive overview of the skills and tasks that are important in any dissertation project.