chapter  18
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Researching widening access

the future agenda
WithJim Gallacher, Beth Crossan

This book has brought together a number of contributions from across the world on the theme of researching widening access. While the introductory chapter by Osborne and Gallacher seeks to provide an overview of existing research, and the questions which arise from this research, this final chapter will attempt to identify some of the key issues which have emerged from the contributions to this book, and which researchers must face, if this field is to continue to develop as one in which high quality research will underpin the development of both policy and practice. These issues relate to both substantive issues and to methodological challenges, and it is hoped that they will together contribute towards developing an agenda and a framework for work in this field. The chapter will be divided into three main sections. The first will consider widening access as a field of research, and consider how it may develop. The second will consider issues associated with methodological and theoretical approaches, and the third will identify and discuss some of the key issues for research, which have emerged from the contributions to this book.