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POLITICAL THEATRE Staging the political: Boal and the horizons of theatrical commitment


Imagine an immediate experience that is also transcendent. A unique moment that translates everywhere. A ruthless critique of what is that provides concrete solutions. An utter negation of what is insupportable in our times that also offers an affirmation of what could be. Imagine an open map of possibilities that gives nothing away. A precipitate of crisis that also resolves it. A preparation for further action that is action for itself. A confirmation of values held in solidarity, and a call to iconoclastic rupture. An overwhelming presence and an utter mediation. A commitment to advance organizational capacity and a refusal to be beholden to institutions. A need to capture people’s attentions and a willingness to let it go. A gathering of a public for its own sake, and a mobilization for other gatherings. A challenge to the authority of the state that rests upon it. Imagine all this in its contrarian fullness, and you are beginning to imagine what political theatre is.