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Toronto that included the burning in effigy of the federal health minister. The Toronto-based AAN! is a Canadian-created protest group comparable to the U.S.-based group ACT UP.

The AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) was created in 1983 as the cohesive, wellorganized gay community in Toronto began to provide education, support, and advocacy programs. It pressured the city health department and city council to take AIDS seriously, and by 1985, the public profile of AIDS was such that testing, counseling, treatment options, and an experienced cadre of caregivers were in place. Increased advocacy and concern about the lack of provincial and federal leadership led to the formation of AIDS Action Now! (AAN!), a militant group modeled on the U.S.-based protest group ACT UP, and the Persons with AIDS (PWA) Coalition in 1987 as an outgrowth of ACT.