AIDS-awareness campaigns have often employed imagery and messages designed for gay men, women, or adolescents but have targeted middle-aged heterosexual men less commonly. This poster from the Swiss “Stop AIDS” campaign addresses itself directly to the latter group with the message, in French: “I’ve never kept faithful to any woman. But always to the condom.”
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Studies of HIV-infected heterosexual men have included IDUs, blood-transfusion recipients, hemophilia patients, clients of sex workers, and the sexual and needle-sharing partners of HIV-seropositive heterosexual women of various descriptions. Higher-risk behaviors engaged in by heterosexual men include needle sharing with an infected partner and unprotected vaginal intercourse with prostitutes or large numbers of female partners of unknown HIV status. Anal intercourse, a higher-risk behavior once thought exclusive to gay men, is practiced by as many as 25 percent of heterosexual couples. However, in the case of both vaginal intercourse and anal intercourse, the risk is higher for the receptive partner-in heterosexual contexts, the woman.