chapter  28
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Psychology in the Philippines

WithCristina Jayme Montiel, Lota A. Teh

Cristina Jayme Montiel is a professor in the Psychology Department at the Ateneo de Manila University and a research associate at the Institute of Philippine Culture. She has carried out teaching and research visits to universities in the United States (University of Hawaii, Ohio State University at Marion, and Georgetown University), Germany (Technical University of ChemnitzZwickau), Australia (Australian National University), People’s Republic of China (Xiamen University), and Malaysia (National University of Malaysia). At the 1998 annual convention of the American Psychological Association, the Division of Peace Psychology gave her an Outstanding Service Award, and Psychologists for Social Responsibility granted her the Most Distinguished Contribution Award. In 2001, Cristina Montiel received an inaugural senior fellowship from the Asian Public Intellectuals Program. During the Marcos regime, she chaired Lingap Bilanggo (Care for Prisoners), a social movement for the general amnesty of all Filipino political

prisoners. She also coordinated Philippines-wide grassroots seminars on active nonviolence and structural analysis.