chapter  29
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International Psychology: A Synthesis

ByMichael J. Stevens, Danny Wedding

In this chapter, we attempt a synthesis of the 27 national psychologies (drawn from the nine regions of the world) that are presented in the Handbook of International Psychology. Needless to say, there are countless ways in which to approach a synthesis that mirrors the various purposes of such a task. Originally, we considered comparing country psychologies within and between regions using the same exhaustive outline that we asked our authors to follow. We abandoned this approach for two reasons. First, we realized that the cultural, historical, and political differences among countries, which contribute to the distinctiveness of their psychologies, made it impossible for authors to provide information on every component of the outline. Second, we believed that it would be more beneficial for our readers if we undertook a sweeping view rather than a detailed one. Consistent with previous volumes on international psychology (Gilgen & Gilgen, 1987; Sexton & Hogan, 1992), we wanted our readers to conclude their examination

of the Handbook with an appreciation for contemporary international psychology and how it might evolve in the future.