chapter  7
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Interdisciplinarity in Learning Technology Design Courses: Moderators: Angela Booker, Shelley Goldman, and Emma Mercier


Roundtable Contr ibutors : Suzanne A le jandre , Ange la Booker, Michael Chorost , Chr i s DiGiano, She l ley Goldman, Chr is topher Hoadley, Frank Lee, Emma Merc ier, Chr i s Quintana, A lexander Repenning , Jenn i fer Meta Robinson, Brett E . She l ton, and Deborah Tatar

By accident or design, courses that focus on the design of learning technology attract students from different disciplines and with different backgrounds who bring different prior knowledge to the course. Whether you explicitly bring together students from disciplines such as education, computer science, math, and art or just intend to teach to one discipline, yet end up attracting students from across your university, the question of how to structure a class with students from different backgrounds and how to support collaboration is bound to emerge. We, the authors of this chapter and the participants in this conversation, have all asked this question, numerous times.