chapter  9
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A Learning Technology Design Course, Deconstructed: Chris Quintana


Authentic design activity is a complex enterprise that entails a range of analytical and constructive activities spanning different domains (Lawson, 2006). These activities are multifaceted and open-ended, which can pose difficulties for students (Quintana, Eng, Carra, Wu, & Soloway, 1999). Designing learning technologies is complex because of the need to integrate design, learning, and content issues (Quintana, Soloway, & Krajcik, 2003). For example, typical design activities involve:

Analytical activities to develop technology requirements, specifications, s and constraints. This involves determining the audience for the technology, the learning goals and activities for that audience, and the types of necessary learning support. Conceptual activities to develop effective solutions for the learner s audience by using descriptive tools such as scenarios, storyboards, and prototypes to describe the design. Implementation activities to turn the conceptual design into a s tangible product. This includes iteration through activities of analysis, conceptualization, and implementation to refine the technology.