chapter  6
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Impermissible pleasures in UK leisure: exploring policy developments in alcohol and illicit drugs KARENZAMOORE AND FIONAMEASHAM

Introduction This chapter examines the regulation and policing of ‘impermissible pleasures’ across leisure spaces and within the UK’s night-time economy (NTE). The official acknowledgement of the social pleasures of drinking by the ‘sensible majority’ is contrasted with a lack of acknowledgment of the pursuit of intense intoxication as a ‘warrantable motive’ (O’Malley and Valverde 2004: 25) for both ‘immoderate’ alcohol consumption and illicit drug use. We draw on the recent emergence of new psychoactive substances or so-called ‘legal highs’ to explore the notion of ‘impermissible pleasures’ and to illustrate the bankruptcy of policy responses to leisure-time intoxication, trapped within the discourses of ‘addiction’ and ‘crime and deviance’.