chapter  9
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Sin City v. Fantasyland: crime, legislation, and policing in two different tourism environments


Introduction Tourism destinations can have a multitude of interesting features that people find attractive when planning their vacations or holidays. Many locations market to a particular subset of society in order to promote their amenities to families, singles, couples, college-aged vacationers or seniors. Examples of this can be found in the two tourism destinations of Orlando, Florida, and Las Vegas, Nevada, which market to specific types of recreational consumers. The city of Orlando is located in the central Florida area within Orange County, and Las Vegas is located in Clark County, Nevada. Orlando has been dubbed by its city leaders as “The City Beautiful” but uses the family-friendly phrase created by tourism marketers “Orlando makes me smile” (Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau 2010a). With its theme parks, nearby beaches, resorts, and familycentered activities, Orlando markets itself as wholesome, safe, and peaceful. Las Vegas promotes itself very differently. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is arguably one of the most famous tourism slogans ever constructed. Las Vegas advertises to the world as a city where the sinful activities of gluttony, gambling, alcohol, and sex are rampant, appealing to an entirely different crowd from those who may be interested in visiting Orlando.