chapter  15
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The Question of Relevance in AIDS Education in Malawi

WithViolet M. Bonga

This chapter shows that for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) education to yield the expected results the messages must be relevant for the different groups of people. AIDS education in Malawi is provided in a number of ways including posters placed in public places, newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts, church teachings, academic curriculums, political rallies, and so on. Statistics reveal that the largest number of individuals infected with HIV is in the age group fifteen to twenty-four. This is why Malawi has introduced AIDS education at all levels in the national curriculum with examinations to ensure that youths are well-informed about the deadly disease. AIDS education is conducted in English, which creates the danger that information will not be taken with the same seriousness as when it is communicated in the students' first language, where things can become much clearer and easier.