chapter  17
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Human Resource Development and Training in Relation to HIV/AIDS in the Formal Sector in Zambia

WithRobert Tembo

This chapter presents the results of a study that examined employment policies and training with respect to human resource development in the Zambian formal sector. It shows that issues related to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) are important for human resource development and planning. All organizations, except one, require preservice employees to undergo medical examinations. However, none of them require pre-service employees to be screened for HIV/AIDS. In terms of priority training areas, all of the organizations attach importance to areas in which they operate. For example, Zambia Airways gives priority to training pilots and technicians while the Zambia State Insurance Corporation is more concerned with training in insurance accounts and computers. In terms of benefits expected from human resource development and training programs, all of the organizations expected improved work performance while the majority expected an increased ability of employees to supervise and train others.