chapter  8
Using the imagination as a stepping-stone for personal growth
ByBernie Warren
Pages 22

For many people drama is something that happens on a stage; a stage that separates the performers from the audience, and establishes as skilled ‘craftsmen’ the people presenting events to the people watching them. Yet this presentation of ‘imagined acts’1 on a stage is simply one facet of dramatic activity and although it is perhaps the most generally accepted view of what ‘drama’ is, it is not necessarily the most important. It is this misconception in many people’s minds, that drama is only a presentation on a stage and thus the sole property of skilled and talented individuals, that has created blocks for individuals seeking to achieve their full creative potential, and in some cases even prevents their imaginations from coming into play at all. It is against this often self-imposed wall that professionals in the fields of developmental drama, personal creativity and drama therapy have been chipping away for more than two decades.