chapter  24
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The Global Markets for Anime: Miyazaki Hayao’s Spirited Away (2001)


Anime (animated film and television) have been a part of global screen culture since the 1960s (Drazen 2003). From that time these animated Japanese series and films became part of American children’s television, before a second wave of anime films in the 1980s brought a new dystopic future vision to the world. Miyazaki Hayao’s films span these two extremes – from child-friendly narratives featuring cuddly creatures to films that deal with death, war and adult responsibility. Alongside Tezuka Osamu, renowned as the grandfather of Japanese anime (Drazen 2003: 4-12; Napier 2001a: 16), Miyazaki is probably the best-known and best-regarded Japanese animator in the world. Thanks to a 1996 distribution deal struck between Miyazaki’s film company and Disney, his anime films are now also among the most widely available in the world.